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Knowing Climate Change and the damage it is doing to future society is one thing. But knowing what best to do about it is another.

You will have heard about the Paris Agreement and you know that Renewable Energies are on a major rise. You might have heard about our large carbon footprint and bumped into news and ads from big corporations and small upcoming companies on how they will try to combat Climate Change.

But is this all true? Are they all effective? Are we on track of succeeding? Or not?

The Solutions section of this site explains which are the major actors in combating Climate Change, what they are doing and what the limits are of what they can do.

Solutions to Climate Change

The Big Actors

It has been overwhelmingly established that current Climate Change is caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), primarily CO2. You can find more on this, on our page Fact or Fiction.

As the most basic laws of physics describe that all of our actions require energy and that in 2016 more than 90% of global energy consumed is still being produced by burning fossil fuels (into CO2), We can easily state that Carbon Dioxide is the main byproduct of our global human activities.


To avoid the worst scenarios of Climate Change, scientists agree that we need a (GHG) reduction of:

  • 30-50% by 2030

  • 100% by 2050

(see page Time for more on this)


For this enormous challenge to be achieved, 4 major Actors need to have an influence:

1. Governments

Governments, politicians make laws and regulate both the activities of its citizens and its companies. By changing these laws and regulations, governments can influence the amount of GHG its society emits.


2.  Companies/ Corporations

Aside from people’s production for their own needs, all our goods & energy are being produced by companies, some of which are powerful multinationals. By offering different goods or producing them in a different way, companies can potentially change our emissions drastically.

3. Science & Technology

Science & Technology can develop better or new products, methods and techniques, which can drastically change the way our society works.


4. YOU

We, as consumer, voter and citizen of a country and this world are the ones that ultimately demand and consume the energy and goods. In democratic systems we can also elect and dismiss our governments and politicians. Therefore, arguably, we can have the biggest impact on Climate Change. 


As the challenge of Climate Change is so all-encompassing and urgent, these 4 actors all have to work as maximally as possible in combating Climate Change effectively.


(To proceed click on one of  the different Actors)



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